Crack the Code: Know Every Audience Like a Pro!

Crack the Code: Know Every Audience Like a Pro!

Jun 9, 2022

Are you chasing the right Audience?

Having spent considerable time in marketing, I often felt frustrated with conversion rates as low as 1% or 2%. Then, I had an epiphany: the audience is paramount. 

Audience understanding is vital in marketing. People have unique preferences, interests and expectations. Tailoring your message according to your audience isn't just a strategy; It's pivotal for genuine connection & crucial for boosting conversion rates.


    They actively look for a solution & take their sweet time before they make their final purchase.

    Do you have a solution for them ??

    Eg-“BellaVita - Perfume” - Provides a solution for One’s Sweat problems.


    These People Only shop if there is a sale

    Eg- “BellaVita - Perfume” - I will only buy if there is an active sale going on. 🤷


    They Know Exactly what they want & they are going to get it.

    Eg- “BellaVita- Perfume” - I love the scent of this perfume , I am only going to buy this!

    No extra pop ups - biggest mistake you can make

  4. Researchers

    They have a basic understanding of what they want to buy, are taking their time to research , and get the best possible product with the best possible price.

    Eg- “BellaVita - Perfume” - I am going to look at 10 other brands & compare the reviews & price then only will i buy this product. 🔎


    They Love your Product , They keep making regular purchases from you.

    Eg- “BellaVita - Perfume” - I have been using their perfume for the last 2 years. It has the most exquisite range with the best prices. 💃

It goes without saying that each customer is Unique. You won't likely come across clients who are ideal for one kind of clientele. The majority of them will be a blend of several kinds.Each Customer has their own Characteristics, their own Goals , needs,purchase journey.